Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Has Google Jumped the Shark?

    In a recent article by Dan Graziano he revealed that the above the fold area on Google only 13% of the space is currently "organic results". This limits the amount of space for so called "natural search" results to about 1/10th of the visual space on Google before sliding down. Even worse is that on mobile devices sometimes the only items being displayed are paid ads. This creates a real dilemma for users of the Google search engine. Do they continue to use Google known for its quick and easy results.. knowing that they are mainly displaying advertisements or do they go over to competitors like Bing or Duck Duck Go? With Google's recent updates also containing a high amount spam and are not being well received at the moment. Is this the moment when Google begins to lose its prestige and people begin to move on to other search engines that might remind them more of how Google started out as?

  The real question for marketers is that if this occurs they will need to broaden out their search marketing techniques to reflect this changing landscape where we would be looking to figure out the alogorithm of sites like Duck Duck Go.  This could be a large shift.

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